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Donors hold wealth in everything but cash. If you're only accepting cash donations, it leaves a huge gap.
We can fix that.

The Benefits

Donating stock and crypto is the most tax efficient way to give! Why? Because there is no capital gains tax, so nonprofits get the full donation, and donors get the full tax deduction! A win-win!
Overflow automates and streamlines the process of donating stock and crypto, while also tracking donation amounts, individual donors, and fund allocation.
The average stock and crypto donation through Overflow is 78x the average online ACH/debit/credit donation. Yes, you read that correctly. ($10,000 v. $128)

Modernize the process.
Maximize generosity.

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The All-In-One Giving Platform for Stock, Crypto & Cash Donations

Overflow is the singular place to help all organizations accept, manage, and report all types of assets with the lowest processing fees.