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Our World Changers

Over 300+ leading global nonprofits have already joined the Overflow community. Click on a nonprofit to donate stock or crypto directly!

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“Overflow opened up a way for stock donations and changed the game for us. We are incredibly grateful for the Overflow team. Full of positive energy, innovation and love!”

Tunde Sobomehin,
CEO, StreetCode Academy

“The time savings is significant! That, plus the better user experience for our most important donors, is well worth the subscription fee.”

Scott Patton,
Development, RIP Medical Debt

"Someone clicks a link, and from start to finish gives stock in 30-60 seconds as opposed to calling Merrill Lynch saying, 'I want to transfer this here and there.' You have to be pretty dedicated to go that route. For us, it's the convenience factor of Overflow. It's quick, it's accessible, it's convenient, and we've already seen a 32x return on our investment in our first 30 days using Overflow - pretty significant."

Pastor Mark Francey,
Oceans Church