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Overflow for Churches

Generous Giving 
Made Easy.

Inspire your church with a faster, simpler and more accessible way to give, so you can increase generosity and broaden your reach.

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Only Accepting Cash, Debit, and ACH?

Did you know that 90% of US wealth is in non-cash assets? If you're only accepting cash donations, you're missing massive giving potential.  With Overflow, you can unlock new ways to give, and easily accept gifts of appreciated assets that are 78x larger than your average cash donation – in minutes, not months.

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Simple to Use,
Easy to Give.

Our elevated and beautifully designed stock, crypto, and cash donation experience inspires big giving. The average online donation made through ACH, debit or credit is just $128...whereas the average donation through Overflow is $10,000! This is so much unrealized potential in non-cash giving, so now is the time to unlock new ways for your donors to give.

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No Software Switches Necessary, Just Add Overflow.

We know we are so much better together, so you can amplify your giving by ADDING non-cash giving to your existing cash giving platforms. 

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Unlock More Generosity.

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Average donation through Overflow
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Higher than Average ACH/Debit/Credit


Streamline your giving processes with automation and expert partners you can trust.

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Process and manage all of your gifts from our technically robust, yet easy-to-use, back office system.

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We automatically generate gift acknowledgment letters for you that are IRS-compliant and customizable. Simply review and send with a click of a button.

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Success Team

Jumpstart stock and crypto gifts in less than a week with a team that is dedicated to your onboarding experience and help you encourage your members to participate in above-and-beyond generosity.


Concierge Level Support

Access a team of experts that can readily answer you and your givers’ questions and ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

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Loved by Top Churches

Churches have seen up to a 32x return on their investment with Overflow

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donations to churches
goodwill donations accepted
church on top of mountain
church donations tax deductible
goodwill donations accepted
church on top of mountain


at Reality SF

“Thanks for all the great work you all are doing to help make giving more seamless and easier, and for partnering with Reality SF.”


CFO at VIVE Church

This team has played such a critical role in this entire process. I look forward to continuing to work with you all as we continue to grow! Again, thank you!"

Senior Leader


"I wish [other payment providers] gave the same support as you guys. We do millions of dollars of transactions with them and don't get the same level of support. You are great!"

Brian Schwartz

Finance at Bridge Church

"The donated stock hit our account yesterday! I have confirmed in the dashboard and sent the [acknowledgement] letter."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do churches benefit from receiving stock and crypto?

Studies show that churches receiving stock and crypto are growing 55% faster than those that don’t. Because givers hold more wealth in stock and crypto than cash and they don’t rely on stock and crypto for day-to-day expenses, stock and crypto gifts are usually larger than cash gifts. The average gift through Overflow is $10,000, which is 100x larger than the average cash gift nationwide.

How do donors benefit from giving stock?

When a donor gives stock to a nonprofit, the donor and the nonprofit don’t have to pay any capital gains tax on the appreciated amount. Donors also receive a greater tax write-off at the market value of the stock upon donation, regardless of what they bought the stock for.

What are the tax advantages for the donor?

There are two key tax advantages for donors who give stock over cash:

  1. The donor does not have to pay capital gains tax allowing them to make a bigger impact with their gift.
  2. The donor benefits from a higher charitable tax deduction because of the larger gift.

Are there specific tax incentives for charities receiving stocks?

501(c)3 nonprofits are exempt from capital gains tax. If a nonprofit receives a $100 stock and it eventually turns into $1000, the nonprofit can sell the stock and it will not be subject to capital gains tax on the $900.

What is the difference between what Overflow offers and a donor-advised fund?

Overflow is designed to be a simple and efficient way to donate stock to your favorite nonprofits. Its user-friendly platform provides donors and nonprofits with greater autonomy in how they give and receive stock donations. Overflow is in many ways complementary to a Donor-Advised Fund.

The main difference between DAFs and Overflow is that Overflow does not hold the donor’s stock in a separate account. Stocks donated via Overflow are transferred directly from the donor to the nonprofit’s brokerage. Notably, this distinction means that the donation is deployed instantly to the nonprofit, who can begin utilizing the funds without delay.

The donor transfers their shares to a DAF (this is considered a donation) and can be held in this fund until the donor directs a broker to donate it towards a nonprofit.

What nonprofits can accept donations via stock on Overflow?

Overflow can facilitate stock donations to any registered 501(c)3 public charity that is in good standing with the IRS, such as local and global charities, churches, and universities.

A 501(c)3 is a charitable organization that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of Title 26 of the United States Code.

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