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Overflow for Corporations

Empower your 

We’re on a mission to expand the way brands and their employees maximize their equity. Join us as we empower every employee to use their equity in a more rewarding and impactful way.

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How It Works

Increase Employee Engagement

Overflow is a platform that enables corporations to offer a streamlined and engaging experience around donating company stock and personally-held stock. This is the most tax-efficient way to give since it enables employees to save significantly on capital gains taxes while supporting their favorite causes.

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It’s a win for employees too.

Without the pressure of dipping into their limited cash funds, employees feel more empowered to support their favorite causes.


Employee Engagement

Innovative giving program that caters to how employees hold their wealth today and offers the flexibility to give multiple assets.

Unprecedented Ease

Employee Choice

Overflow allows employees to give stock and crypto from any of their brokerage accounts with ease.


Increased Tax Savings

Donating stock and crypto offers the unique advantage of saving on capital gains taxes and maximizing tax write-offs.


Stronger Loyalty

Employees are empowered to partner with their colleagues in supporting the causes you are addressing.


Employee Retention

88% of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they are given ways to make a positive impact.

It’s never been easier to engage employees in new ways to give.

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