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The $3.4m Weekend

Learn how one of our nonprofit clients used Overflow to raise $3.4M during its most successful virtual campaign.

You get cash,
what about stock?

80% of Donors Own Stock

80% of donors own appreciated assets like stocks but only 19% have ever donated them.

Average Donation

Our average stock donation size is 40x the average cash donation. We've seen donors much more generous with stock than with cash.

Educating Stock Donations

Most people don’t know they can donate stock or how to do so. For those that do, the process can be too complex and manual.

The Opportunity

$39 billion is donated to nonprofits every year, but only 2 out of 10 nonprofits take advantage of stock donations.

The Promise

We’re built to help every nonprofit turn stock donations into the significant funding source it can be.

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