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The Giving Platform for Stock, Crypto & Cash donations

Donors hold wealth in everything but cash. If you're only accepting cash donations, it leaves a huge gap.
We can fix that.

Modernize the process.
Maximize generosity.

Join hundreds of nonprofits in reinventing the way the world gives. Fill out this form to start a conversation with an Overflow team member about stock & crypto donations, and get your questions answered.

The Benefits

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We handle complex assets

Stocks, Crypto, and Cash

Processing your donation shouldn't take away from the work you do. We're experts at processing these complex assets and are always up-to-date with the requirements to get your donation into your account.

My project

Here to help

Consultants without fees

We spend our resources to learn how to facilitate any complex asset from donor to your account. Stocks, crypto, and cash are just the beginning. Assets like wills and trusts, land, cars, and wine are all coming soon!

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