VIVE Church: Switching to Overflow for Giving

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Posted by Overflow Team on May 8, 2024

In the digital era, where technology touches every corner of our lives, how can churches harness this innovation to foster a deeper sense of community and giving? VIVE Church in Silicon Valley provides a compelling answer. Partnering with Overflow, the leading-edge platform for giving, VIVE Church has redefined generosity for its tech-forward congregation. This case study dives into how using Overflow as their all-in-one giving provider has not only met the diverse needs of its members, but also set a new benchmark for giving. 




In Silicon Valley, a hub of innovation and technological advancement, VIVE Church has pioneered a significant shift in giving within their community. VIVE Church has embraced a multifaceted giving platform through Overflow that includes options for stock, cash, and cryptocurrency donations, aligning perfectly with the tech-savvy nature of their congregation.


"Migration for any system whether you're a church or a tech company is scary...they (Overflow) gave us all the resources we needed, so we didn't lose givers. We actually added givers."  

Aaron Williams - CFO, VIVE Church


Meeting with Overflow

The team at Overflow sat down with Aaron Williams, CFO of VIVE Church, to hear how Overflow's integrated giving solutions have revolutionized their giving. This interaction highlighted the strategic alignment between VIVE Church’s innovative spirit and Overflow’s bleeding-edge technology.

"Adopting Overflow was a game-changer for VIVE Church. In Silicon Valley, where innovation drives every aspect of life, having a giving platform that accepts stock, cash, and crypto not only met our diverse needs but set a new standard for generosity," explained Aaron Williams. He further emphasized, "Overflow isn’t just a platform; it’s a catalyst for empowering people to give in ways they never imagined possible. The ease and versatility it offers are unparalleled, truly making it the most innovative giving platform in the market."


Impacts and Benefits

The introduction of Overflow's platform at VIVE Church led to several immediate and significant impacts:

  • Increased Giving Options: Members appreciated the flexibility to donate through various assets, which aligned with their lifestyles and financial strategies.
  • Enhanced Engagement: With more ways to contribute, engagement levels within the church increased, particularly among those who might not have previously considered giving.
  • Administrative Efficiency: The church's administrative burden was greatly reduced, thanks to the streamlined and integrated nature of Overflow's platform.

VIVE Church's experience with Overflow show's how embracing innovative giving solutions can significantly increase engagement and generosity within a church community. The successful launch of Overflow's giving solutions has not only simplified the process for donors, but also empowered them to utilize their financial assets in new, meaningful ways. As VIVE Church continues to grow and evolve with its dynamic congregation, the partnership with Overflow remains a cornerstone, promising to unlock even greater levels of generosity in the future.