Case Study: LIIV Atlanta

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Posted by Overflow Team on April 17, 2024

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In the heart of Atlanta, LIIV Atlanta Church has set a new standard for how modern churches engage with their attendees. Since its founding on September 18, 2022, under the leadership of Pastor Mayo Sowell, the church has prioritized innovative technological solutions. From the beginning, LIIV Atlanta chose Overflow's giving platform to support its operations and later, to connect with their community. 

Background of LIIV Atlanta

LIIV Atlanta was born from a vision to breathe life into the community of Atlanta—a city known for its innovation and diversity. Pastor Mayo Sowell's journey led him back to Atlanta to plant roots with a mission to impact the city positively. Adopting new technologies was part of the church's strategy to seamlessly integrate into the lives of its modern congregation right from the start.

Introducing Overflow Tap

From the start, LIIV Atlanta utilized Overflow's robust giving platform. After recognizing the need to further modernize how attendees connect and contribute, the church introduced Overflow Tap—a sophisticated solution designed to foster greater involvement through a simple tap of a smartphone. This technology enables attendees to give, connect, sign up for events, join small groups, and much more. Overflow Tap was launched at LIIV Atlanta to an enthusiastic reception. On a typical Sunday, with 770 attendees, an impressive 630 used Overflow Tap, demonstrating the technology's effectiveness and ease of use. The breakdown of interactions includes:
  • 115 connection cards filled out
  • 5 new givers and 12 repeat givers
  • 33 signups for a new member lunch
  • 18 registrations for new small group leaders
This surge in engagement illustrated how Overflow Tap could transform typical church interactions into dynamic, data-driven exchanges, enhancing community involvement and administrative efficiency.


How Overflow Tap Works

Overflow Tap involves a simple yet innovative mechanism: a sticker or plate that can be placed virtually anywhere, such as the back of a chair in a church. Attendees need only tap their smartphone against it to receive a prompt that directs them to a specific webpage. This webpage can be customized and updated by the church in real-time, allowing for flexible, targeted communications. Additionally, Overflow collects data from each interaction, providing real-time analytics to track the effectiveness of each tap.

Benefits and Impact

The adoption of Overflow Tap at LIIV Atlanta has brought several significant benefits:
Enhanced Engagement: The simplicity and novelty of Overflow Tap have led to high adoption rates, deepening attendee involvement in church activities.
Streamlined Operations: With digital data collection and management, LIIV Atlanta has optimized both its outreach and internal administrative tasks.
Sustainable Solutions: Reducing the reliance on physical materials aligns with more modern, paperless solutions, saving the church time and money. 
Overflow Tap has proven to be a game-changer for LIIV Atlanta, setting new benchmarks for engagement within the church community. Overflow continues to support churches like LIIV Atlanta, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technology and community connection. For churches aiming to elevate their engagement and foster stronger connections, adopting Overflow Tap offers a promising path forward.