We are the philanthropy platform for today. If you've been looking for an easier way to donate to the causes you believe in, Overflow is for you.

About Overflow

Maximize Your Donation

Donating stock is one of the most tax-efficient ways to give more to the causes you care about. Direct stock donation through Overflow could give 37% more to any nonprofit organization that we’ve partnered with.

Donation Education

We want to help you understand the benefits of giving. We educate our community of supporters to help them donate stock to their favorite causes effectively. We equip our community with the knowledge, skills and connections to become an effective philanthropists.

Happy Hour Events

Get exclusive access to monthly happy hours and get to know the people behind your favorite nonprofit. This is perfect for meeting people who care about the same causes as you.

For the next generation of givers, we are building the community for philanthropists. Join the Waitlist.

Benefits of the Community

Build Meaningful Connections

When you join Overflow, you'll be part of a growing community of the world's next generation of change makers that want to make an impact by giving. This is the place where tech employees, founders, investors, creatives, designers, financiers, real-estate developers, community builders, students and more come together to learn and grow rapidly in the world of philanthropy. Whatever change you want to make in this world, this community will help you accelerate your path forward.

Learn From Experts

As with investing, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of modern philanthropy. We provide access to mentors, experts, and like-minded peers through 1:1 connections and mastermind groups, to help you establish your own philanthropic habits. We give you the knowledge, skills, and connections to allow you to support your favorite causes effectively.
The Happiest Hour Ever
Overflow sponsored Happy Hours are a great way to engage with your favorite nonprofit. We help facilitate intimate conversations with nonprofits and their you through inspiring discussion around the nonprofit’s impact, current initiatives, and the ways you can help.

Happy Hours also function as an educational experience for you to engage with your new online stock giving platform.

Bring a drink, bring a friend, come to get inspired.
The Stewardship Network
The Stewardship Network connects, equips, and mobilizes people and organizations to care for land and water. These groups collaboratively engage in on the ground ecological stewardship through activities such as prescribed fire, native seed collection, enhancing and protecting wildlife habitat, invasive species control, and much more!


A platform to show that you’re more than. Inspire and challenge your followers by highlighting the impact you’re making in your sphere of influence.


A platform to show that you’re more than. Inspire and challenge your followers by highlighting the impact you’re making in the world.
Friends Changing the World
Tipping Point Community
Our Reality
Our goal is to inspire the world to give more, and give better.

We want every human to experience what it means to live generously. We want to move away from debates focused on what you’re against and towards the life-giving conversations about what you are for. We want to create a world where all basic human needs are met: clean water, food security, and housing for everyone.

We don’t shy away from audacious projects like solving pressing climate change issues through campaigns funded to the level of Google’s ad platform or Amazon’s delivery network. We can change our culture’s me-first competitive landscape that prioritizes ego by instilling confidence in the next generation to not be fixated on self. They’ll have an early revelation that it’s not about them. They’ll be the ones to say: it's not about how much I can keep; it's about how much I can give.

If we had it our way, top publications would stop releasing lists of the top richest people based on net worth because that incentivizes them to keep it. Instead, they would create a hierarchy based on how much individuals earned, compared to how much they gave.

People will start negotiating compensation packages based on how much they'll be able to give. Employees will specifically choose companies that use Overflow because it's a platform that allows them to frictionlessly integrate their recurring giving from their pay. Not an amount. But a percentage.

Because, it’s not always about the big numbers as much as it’s about the consistency and commitment that makes a difference in giving. And that’s what we’re here for—making it easy to choose a lifestyle of generosity.