Nonprofit Success Story: Raising $3.4M with Overflow

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Posted by Overflow Team on April 16, 2021

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A fast-growing nonprofit organization partnered with Overflow to maximize its fundraising potential during its most significant event of the year - the VISION Gala.

Like many other non-profit organizations affected by COVID-19, this non-profit had to bring its typically large, in-person gala into the digital world.

To ensure the virtual gala would be just as successful, the nonprofit doubled down its digital and social media marketing efforts, sent personalized invitations, and created an engaging virtual experience. Most significantly, it launched a spectacular digital presentation to highlight its ambitious initiatives and high-impact projects.

One such project was a partnership with Tesla and the Tesla Semi truck, designed to serve as a portable assistance centre for community support and disaster relief efforts.

A "Track the Truck" app connected to the Semi would help donors find immediate opportunities to get involved with as well as follow the truck's movements during deployment, allowing donors to track in real-time the impact of their donations.


What best practices can your nonprofit take away from this virtual fundraising success story?

  • Create a buzz around the event and personalize all invitations.
  • Incorporate a "year in review" session to celebrate everything that your nonprofit has accomplished the year before to illustrate your organization's impact.
  • Invest in the marketing platform and the media you will use to tell your organization's stories and testimonies. High-quality media is the key to fundraising success!
  • Use concise and compelling language, original slogans, and themes to make the fundraising initiatives exciting and memorable.
  • Create a clear and significant ask connected to what it will take to achieve all of your upcoming endeavors.
  • Educate donors on all the different ways to give, especially non-traditional ways of giving such as stocks, which can unlock significant tax benefits for both donor and nonprofit.
  • And finally, make it easy for your donors to give! A confusing or difficult donation flow is the number one reason for low fundraising volumes.


Why choose Overflow as a fundraising platform?

The Overflow onboarding process is easy. To accept your nonprofit's first online stock donation, all you need is to add a 2-lines of code to your nonprofit's website!‍

In addition to stock donations, Overflow offers ACH and debit/credit payments at-cost so that you can avoid the typically marked-up 3% fee for such transactions. ‍

In addition to the net new stock donations, Overflow enabled this nonprofit to save over $20,000 in credit card transaction fees. ‍

Overflow makes it easy for donors to give more. It is no wonder why nonprofits that receive stock donations see 55% higher fundraising growth than those that only accept cash. Diversify your fundraising, increase your average donation amount, and attract net-new stock donors using Overflow's easy-to-use online donation platform.

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