Empowering Churches: How a Donation Platform Can Make a Difference

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Posted by Overflow Team on November 27, 2023

In order for any non-profit organization to be able to run effectively, it must have donor support. For churches in particular, regular giving supports their mission and enables them to do the work they are passionate about and be able to reach those they care about. Reliable monthly contributions are the foundation of a church's income and can help them reach their community better when they have a regular way to receive those donations. 


Why Is an Online Donation Platform Vital for Churches?


One of the biggest hurdles to getting the amount of donations you need every year is accessibility. Whether your congregant wants to write a physical check, direct withdrawal from their bank, pay cash, via credit/debit card, donate stocks, or any other way, a church donation platform can help the church make donating effortless and seamless for all parties. A digital or online donation platform simplifies monthly giving for your congregation and makes it simple for you. Using such a platform eliminates paper and automatically records all your donor's information for future documentation. 

When your congregants regularly give tithes and offerings, a automade platform is essential for streamlining and simplifying the giving process. 


Digital Age

The unpleasant truth is that most people no longer carry checks. In our increasingly digital age, if someone has to write a check, it's usually the last thing to get paid. Most people have automatic payments set up for bills and rarely ever pay cash anymore. 

That implies that if you have the expectation that donors will just pull out their pocketbooks in church and give you a check, you may be disappointed. Having online donation alternatives at your fingertips is essential for the twenty-first-century church. This allows your members and guests to give even when they are away traveling. It is a flexible alternative to receiving donations and can truly increase the accessibility of people to support your mission as a church. 


Open Up New Donation Opportunities

When you are on a mission, and God has placed a call on your heart, you will often go to new lengths to accomplish that goal. For some, that means giving beyond just cash assets. If you simply take cash/credit/debit donations, you are limiting your giving possibilities. Did you realize that non-cash assets account for 90% of US wealth? Having a donation platform like Overflow allows you to discover new ways to donate and accept contributions of appreciated assets that are 78 times larger than the average cash donation—in just a few minutes instead of months.


Set Up an Innovative Donation Platform Today!

As a church, you could be missing out on your end-of-year giving potential if you do not currently have an online giving platform. If you do, you can increase your contribution potential by adding non-monetary giving platforms to your current cash-giving platforms. Access a team of professionals who can quickly answer your questions and those of your givers, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. 

Overflow's technically powerful yet user-friendly back office system processes and manages all of your gifts with ease. Our platform can also seamlessly integrate with your existing giving platform to allow your donors to give beyond just a typical cash donation, allowing gifts like stocks, bonds, and other assets. Call Overflow today to learn more and unlock your donation potential with a top-notch donation platform before the end-of-year giving is complete.