Overflow Introduces New Way to Give

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Posted by Overflow Team on June 29, 2023

Introducing DAFs

Overflow is excited to unveil a game-changing innovation. We’re proud to introduce our Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) product—an intuitive, streamlined solution that revolutionizes the giving experience. As part of our commitment to unlocking new ways to give, we've joined forces with Chariot, a leading payment network that forges direct connections with DAF providers. The result? A three-click giving process that allows donors to make a profound impact through their DAFs, effortlessly and effectively.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are pivotal in today's philanthropic landscape, accounting for nearly 10% of annual giving in the U.S., which amounts to roughly $46 billion. Their significance lies not only in their size but also in their exponential growth, as DAF giving has escalated by 28% in both 2020 and 2021, tripling the number of DAF accounts in just four years. What’s even more remarkable is the average donation amount of DAFs nearing $5k! The funds in DAF accounts, already earmarked for charity and immune to withdrawal for other uses, ensure a steady flow of donations regardless of economic pressures.


Bridging the Gap in DAF Philanthropy

Despite the promising prospects, navigating the world of DAFs feels daunting for many nonprofits. The challenges are threefold. First, many organizations grapple with the task of effectively marketing DAF giving. Second, nonprofits express a need to identify the generous individuals who have sent DAF grants. Third, there's a persistent lack of knowledge about stewarding DAF donors.

Overflow has designed our DAF product to be the compass that guides you through these challenges. We're here to illuminate the path, helping you unlock the full potential of DAF contributions.


Revamping the Donor Experience

At Overflow, we believe that giving should be as joyous and uncomplicated as possible. That's why we've engineered our DAF product to provide a secure, digital-first experience that instills confidence in your supporters. Recommending a DAF gift with Overflow is as straightforward as checking out from an online store.

The process is simple: supporters initiate the DAF process from a button on your website, identify the appropriate financial institution, sign in without leaving the page, specify the gift amount, and submit their DAF grant recommendation. Chariot's integration with leading DAF providers ensures a smooth end-to-end flow, encouraging donors to give more. Once the grant recommendation is submitted, you can see which donor initiated the gift and track the full progression of the donation straight from your Dashboard.

Daf Giving with Overflow


Making Data-Driven Decisions

Overflow goes beyond facilitating transactions; we also empower you with insights. Our intuitive dashboard offers full visibility into gift and donor details, providing the real-time data you need to inform your stewardship strategies. It's part of our commitment to helping nonprofits not only tap into the fastest-growing area of philanthropy, but also make informed, data-driven decisions that fuel growth and success.


Embracing the Future of Fundraising with Overflow

Our DAF product is just one component of our comprehensive list of unlocked asset classes. Overflow accepts many tax-advantageous channels for supporters to make an impact: DAFs, stocks, IRA gifts, cryptocurrency, and more. The future of fundraising is here and it starts with Overflow, the most powerful giving platform on the planet! 

As the wealth within DAFs continues to grow, we invite nonprofits to embrace the transformation that's taking place in the world of philanthropy. Begin your journey with Overflow's DAF product today, and join us in our mission to inspire the world to give.