What Your Donors Want From A Giving Platform

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Posted by Overflow Team on November 17, 2022

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Giving platforms provide a method for people to donate to charity. Giving platforms are fast becoming a key fundraising stream for nonprofits and individuals who want to raise money easily, and fast. However, the participation of donors is vital, and their experience will ultimately determine if they donate to a nonprofit through a giving platform in the first place and if they will do so again. Here’s what donors want from a giving platform.

Easy to Give

We all lead busy lives these days, so one of the most important things for donors is that donating to charity is quick and easy. Complicated systems and lengthy sign-up processes will put potential donors off donating altogether. Platforms with user-friendly designs and navigation make all the difference for people to donate. Additional features like text to give means donors can make their contribution from their mobile device, and once they’ve set this up, they can use it again and again.


1. Acknowledgement

It may seem like a minor thing, but acknowledging a donor’s gift is essential to building loyal supporters. A simple acknowledgment of a donor’s contribution will likely encourage them to give again in the future. Giving platforms that allow nonprofits to create customizable acknowledgment letters automatically helps nonprofits show their appreciation for their donors, and makes donors feel their gift was appreciated, which will encourage them to donate to that nonprofit again in the future.




2. Flexibility

There are many ways to donate to charity, and giving platforms that let donors give in the way that suits them will not only attract more donors but will ensure they give again. Whether it’s cash, stock, or cryptocurrency, giving donors the choice of how they donate is very attractive.


3. Ease of Access

No one wants to have to go through a lengthy process of getting hold of receipts for accountants and tax professionals. Giving platforms that allow donors easy access to the information needed for tax purposes saves them time and stress. Knowing this part of the process is simple and stress-free will mean donors are likely to donate again.




4. Relatability

The younger generation is just waiting to donate to a nonprofit. During the COVID-19 pandemic, both the millennial and Gen Z generations gave more to nonprofits than any other generation, which demonstrates the economic power and generosity of this younger age group. ¹ A giving platform that understands and caters to the giving habits and needs of younger generations will ensure tech-savvy younger donors are encouraged to continue to donate to charity in the future. 


5. Support and Guidance

Not all donors understand the benefits of giving from their stock portfolio or crypto wallet, so if nonprofits offer these options, they need a platform that can support donors appropriately, and educate them on the benefits. Nonprofits should choose donation platforms that have dedicated donor support to answer even the most complex questions about donating securities and cryptocurrencies. That way, the nonprofit doesn’t have to be the expert - they can focus on what they do best.




6. Transparency and Trust

A secure, straightforward, and transparent giving process reassures donors and inspires them to donate in the future. Giving platforms that allow donors to track their donation through the process in real-time will give them the confidence that their donation is being taken care of, and they can put their trust in the platform.


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