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Posted by Alicia Damele on August 6, 2021

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Overflow is the philanthropy platform designed to elevate the giving experience for your most valued donors. We run through why and how we provide the best possible experience for your donors in this article by highlighting some of the behind the scenes of how to best communicate to your most important donors.

Why do we do this?

We know how valuable stock donations can be and we know that for many of you, some of your largest gifts are stock. We also know that giving stock can be a complex and tedious process for the donor. At Overflow, our goal is to lower the barriers for stock donations by providing a streamlined online donation experience as well as concierge, white-glove support for your donor throughout the entire process.

How do we do this?

At Overflow, we work hard to ensure that the giving experience is secure, straightforward, and transparent for your donor. We do this through five key pillars of the Overflow Experience.

Concierge-Level Service

Historically, gifting stock has been clunky and confusing, which is why many donors opt to give via cash or credit instead. While we bring online stock giving into the 21st century, Overflow’s designated Stock Gifts Team will work with you and your donor to ensure the giving experience is smooth.

Proactive Communication

We know you’re busy, which is why we provide proactive communication to your donor regarding the gift process timeline (pro tip: it’s different for each brokerage!), gift status updates, and brokerage communication awareness.

Donation Visibility

Overflow supports your donors during the entire giving experience. From the moment your donor clicks into the “Donate Stock” button on your Giving Page through the gift acknowledgement process, your valued donor will have visibility into their gift status through Overflow’s Donor Portal from start to finish.

Gift Acknowledgement

The Overflow Experience doesn’t end after you receive the donor’s gift. We know how important it is to show gratitude to your donors as well as provide them with tools to help them acknowledge their gifts for tax purposes. We make this easy for you by providing pre-filled and customized acknowledgement letters that you can send to your donors at the click of a button.

Stock Giving Education

We know stock gifts are the way of the future. There is too much of an upside for donors and nonprofit for them to not be. We’ve seen that the main barrier hindering a high value donor from gifting stock is not that they don’t hold assets, but that they might be unaware of the potential major tax benefits that donating stock can provide them. This is why we have created content to meet your donors where they are at and provide them with educational resources at all points along a donor’s giving journey.

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