The Future of Giving for Nonprofits

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Posted by Overflow Team on February 3, 2023

Tags: Fundraising

Navigating the recent cultural changes, with advancements in technology, market instability, and global crises, can be challenging. But don't worry, we understand and we believe your nonprofit and its mission is worth fighting for.

Overflow has just released our new e-book, "The Future of Giving for Nonprofits." In this e-book we walk alongside and help you acclimate to what giving will look like this current year and beyond! The information we share in this e-book is paramount for your organization so that you can first understand the significance of the largest wealth transfer in history and its impact on your nonprofit. 

In our e-book, we shift focus from traditional donors to the rising generations, specifically Millennials and Gen Z. We delve into their spending and investment practices, their understanding of capital gains taxes and how they look to minimize them, and why a majority of this demographic considers themselves to be "philanthropists."

We, of course, don't stop there. We give you information on where most US wealth is held, the current giving situation, and the potential increase in giving by expanding giving options. We also include our beginner's guide to cryptocurrency (you don't have to be a pro at crypto, we promise!), how crypto gains value, and the incoming trends to look for.

We land the plane in this e-book by sharing ways to keep your active and new donors engaged and, ultimately, ways to give them the best giving experience on the planet! If you feel overwhelmed or concerned with the change in the giving space, allow us to be your guide as we map out the future of giving and provide you with the resources that we believe will best equip your nonprofit as we move into the future together!