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Posted by Vance Roush on July 16, 2021

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Last week, we celebrated our one year anniversary since our soft launch by rolling out a new look across our website! Overflow 2.0 is something we have been working towards for a long time, as we head into a new phase for our company.

Like many companies throughout the pandemic, we’ve learned a lot in the past year, and are using those lessons to help us grow and pivot as we head into this new phase for Overflow.

When we first launched in July 2020, we had an idea of how we could best serve nonprofits and donors. In our first year, we learned so much more about the nonprofit industry, the incredible nonprofits we serve, and the difficulties presented by the logistics of stock donations. As our product, services and company have evolved to best serve our customers, we were excited to evolve the brand alongside it.

Overflow is making it easy to give any major asset to a nonprofit in order to create a future where generosity is the norm. In a world where we’re told to keep everything we earn, we’re saying give it away.

We want to open the door to new, young, tech-savvy donors who are currently channeling their tech prowess into new trends like alternative investing, and who we think could easily be converted into a new generation of regular donors and budding philanthropists. We knew that, to accomplish this, our visual brand identity had to be forward-thinking, sleek, and approachable, to match our mission.

New Colorways

The fintech space is traditionally serious, straightforward, and devoid of color. We’re changing this narrative, by introducing a new color palette that matches our fresh approach to the industry.

Our new colors represent the new categories of giving now possible through Overflow!


Overflow Brand 2.0 is not simply cosmetic, but an opportunity to communicate the deep beliefs we aim to reinforce by our actions in this next season.

For nonprofits and social impact organizations, we believe that what truly moves the needle is first establishing a culture of generosity that goes way beyond solicitation. It's a relationship inspired by bold vision, cultivated in meticulous execution, and solidified through proven impact. It’s why more than 125 top global nonprofits and corporations in the world have chosen to work with Overflow in its early stages.

Our Brand Pillars

Underlying our brand are our brand pillars—determined by the type of culture we’ve developed over the past year. As our team grows, we intentionally look for these qualities as the character of our team determines what Overflow will become:

  1. Form with function

    We value great design as much as utility. Every design decision is as beautiful as it is functional. Our products must not only look good, but also work well.

  2. Selfless not selfish

    Our work is as transparent as we can make it. We support each other’s tasks and leave no one behind. We can’t cross the finish line individually, it must be done together.

  3. Technology as a fundament

    As innovators, we pledge to stay up-to-date with the latest methods and technologies to create a product that leads the industry.

  4. Come as you are

    No one person is greater than the other. We believe in different functionality per person but your uniqueness is valued on this team.

  5. For us, by us

    We’re users of our own product! If we don’t love it, we won’t build it.

  6. Pay it forward

    What kind of company tells everyone to be generous if itself isn’t generous? At Overflow, all employees are given a share of 10% of the company’s revenue to donate to a nonprofit of their choice.

Our tone and voice is built of our persona, as if Overflow was a real person. It’s really a reflection of what the team has gone through individually cultivated into one story:

We’re a contemporary of yours who’s figured out the value of giving.

For years now, we’ve been working hard – climbing the ladder, turning the crank, what have you. In doing that, we’ve made progress in our lives.

That progress is something others are impressed by. But to us it just feels like the natural evolution of things. We are where we need to be; where we should be. And, in knowing that, we have made the conscious decision to do more.

That is, to give back some of what we’ve earned.

We give with confidence and poise, but also without ego. Sure, we’ve worked hard and that’s paid off. But, like we said, we are where we need to be.

This world we’re building is for everyone, and we want you to come with us.


Our Manifesto

We’ve integrated our beliefs and the future we want to create in our manifesto which you can view here. It’s a vision for the future after we achieve our mission of truly inspiring the world to give.

Celebration Rather Than Transaction

Our branding and design across our website is focused on changing the way we see generosity.

We have a fundamental belief that the world of the generous gets larger, exponentially. Not simply building the bare minimum to extract value from nonprofits, but to truly serve these world-changing organizations with the boosters they need to inspire their supporters to continue to give big and on a recurring basis—To give out of the Overflow.

Above all, we want to feel genuine. If you look at many nonprofit tools or websites, they feel very transactional. We wanted to move away from that with our branding for Overflow, and create an experience that felt like a celebration rather than a transaction.

Our mission at Overflow is to inspire the world to give, and to make doing so feel inviting, exciting, and elevated – like attending a charity gala – and we wanted our brand to reflect that.

We are excited to continue to serve the philanthropic space for a very long time.

You can learn more about our new rebrand in our recent PR features in Mindsparkle Mag and Graphic Design USA.


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