Overflow Acquires Novity, Revolutionizing Church Engagement with NFC Tap Technology

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Posted by Overflow Team on June 21, 2024

In a groundbreaking development for the global church community, Overflow has announced the acquisition of Novity, bringing the latest NFC tap technology to its suite of giving solutions. The development will revolutionize and simplify church engagement as well as increase church donations, proven by dramatic increases in both giving and connectivity in early-adopting churches.

Novity's technology has been instrumental in transforming how churchgoers connect and contribute to their church communities. By integrating Novity's solutions, Overflow aims to empower churches of all sizes to elevate their engagement, giving, and connection opportunities.

Statistics from LIIV Atlanta, one of the participating churches of the technology, highlight the effectiveness of Novity's platform, combined with Overflow’s giving solutions: a staggering 142% increase in giving and a 320% surge in connections. A recent weekend event saw 81% of attendees participating in a “tap-to” call to action, demonstrating the technology's power to dramatically increase engagement, connection, and giving.

Chase Maasdorp, Founder of Novity, states, "The acquisition of Novity by Overflow represents a monumental leap forward in our mission to revolutionize giving and engagement within the faith community. What excites me most about partnering alongside Overflow is the incredible growth potential we have together. The combination of the world's most powerful giving platform and the most effective engagement tool is a recipe to disrupt the market in ways we've never seen before."

This strategic partnership is poised to transform the landscape of church giving and engagement, offering an innovative and effective solution for churches seeking to enhance their connection with members and unlocking more ways to give.


About Overflow

A Silicon Valley-based fintech company that is on a mission to inspire the world to give. Overflow helps nonprofits and churches unlock more ways to give by making it easy for their donors to give Stock, Crypto, Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, DAFs and more. Overflow launched in 2020 and has since attracted over 450 of the top nonprofits & churches worldwide to its platform, including Wikipedia, the Golden State Warriors Foundation, the American Cancer Society, Life Church, Church of the Highlands, and Convoy of Hope.

About Novity

Novity is at the forefront of leveraging NFC technology to foster deeper engagement within churches. By enabling a simple tap with a smartphone, Novity bridges the gap between church resources and visitors, significantly improving participation and contributions over traditional methods.