One Sentence Can Change Your Fundraising.

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Posted by Overflow Team on July 20, 2022

Tags: Success

Sometimes, we make things too complicated. Yes, the actual process of transferring stock can be complex, not to mention unique for each person. And crypto is another whole level of complicated - both in understanding how it is mined, exchanged, regulated...we’ll stop there.




With Overflow, the process of donating these assets directly to a 501c3 organization is actually very straightforward for a donor. So, sharing with donors about these ways of giving should be uncomplicated as well. Of the myriad of ways you could share about giving via non-cash assets with your supporters, the simplest and most effective is to add one line to your fundraising appeal:


“You can participate with our organization in a lot of different ways, including donating assets from your stock portfolio or crypto wallet directly to our organization and avoid capital gains taxes.”



You can add this sentence to a newsletter, to your MC’s event script, or your major gift officer’s talk track. But the important thing is that it is mentioned - everywhere you ask for cash. Consistently use this one sentence and you can be that you will reach and exceed your fundraising goals.Since we said it was simple, we’ll leave it there. But if you want to dive deeper into understanding stock and crypto and how other organizations have shared this message, check out these recent posts on the Overflow blog, The Market Downturn or Tips for Unlocking Larger Donations.