How To Choose The Right Fundraising Platform For Your Nonprofit Organization

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Posted by Overflow Team on July 19, 2023

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How To Choose The Right Fundraising Platform For Your Nonprofit Organization

Taking your nonprofit organization’s fundraising online can bring a whole host of benefits. A fundraising platform is an excellent tool for charity fundraising, helping you manage donations and track results.

But with so many fundraising platforms on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Find out how to make the best choice for your nonprofit organization, and how to increase the reach of your online fundraising once you’re up and running.


What To Look For In A Fundraising Platform

Before investing in any fundraising software, do a little research to make sure any potential platform provides the tools you need.

The user experience should be at the top of your list. Go for a fundraising platform that is easy to use and intuitive, both for you and your donors. If a platform is easy for you and your donors to use, it will make the whole process much easier. 

Make sure that any platform provides top-notch customer support, especially in the early days. Look for platforms that provide human support, so you know there is always someone on hand to help if something goes wrong. 

You’ll also want to make sure that any potential fundraising software is compatible with a range of devices. Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days, and a large proportion of your donations will come from mobile devices, so you’ll want to make sure any platform you choose is mobile-compatible.


Creating A Successful Fundraising Campaign On A Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platforms are another great tool that nonprofit organizations can use to boost donations and hit their fundraising goals. Crowdfunding for nonprofits is a competitive landscape so it’s important to make your campaign stand out.

Before launching a campaign, take a few months to plan every step with care. Exploring other nonprofit organizations’ campaigns will help you determine what works, and what doesn’t. Creating a schedule, detailing what needs to be done when, will help keep you on track. 

Getting the branding right is vital to maintain your credibility while attracting donors. Make sure your campaign ties into the branding you already use. Make sure the colors and graphics used are in line with your current branding to maintain continuity. 


Harnessing Social Media To Promote Your Fundraising Campaign

Social media has the potential to help you reach a wider audience and maximize your charity fundraising. Before getting started, find out which platforms are more popular with the people you’re trying to target. If most of your donors use Facebook, focus your efforts there. 

Don’t wing it when it comes to content for. Take the time to prepare your content in advance and create a content schedule to ensure you’re posting regular and relevant content. 

Social media is all about engagement, so if a donor shares or comments on your charity campaign, engage with them. Not only will this make them feel appreciated and more likely to get involved in your campaign, but it also helps you connect with the very people you want to reach.