Highlands College Partners with Overflow to Revolutionize Donor Experience

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Posted by Overflow Team on June 27, 2024

At Overflow, we’re thrilled to collaborate with institutions like Highlands College, an educational beacon dedicated to molding students into leaders of confidence, character, and spiritual maturity. We recently spoke with Christy Williamson, Director of Donor Relations at Highlands College, about their transition to Overflow and its impact on their giving platform.



Challenges with the Previous Platform

Highlands College faced significant challenges with their previous giving platform. "It didn't feel trustworthy, it didn't feel elite, and it was not mobile-friendly at all," Christy explained. The cumbersome and unreliable system resulted in a poor conversion rate, prompting the need for a change. Determined to find a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution, Highlands College began exploring alternatives. Overflow emerged as the perfect fit, promising a seamless and engaging donor experience. "Overflow was a great fit and felt like a great fit, and so we decided to give it a try," Christy shared.

Remarkable Results with Overflow

The switch to Overflow has yielded impressive results for Highlands College. "In just one year's time, we have seen almost a 150% increase in the number of gifts that we've received online," Christy revealed. This significant boost in donations underscores the platform's effectiveness in facilitating and enhancing the giving process. One of the standout aspects of Overflow for Highlands College is the alignment of values and mission. "We share similar values of just wanting to advance and build the local church," Christy noted. This shared vision fosters a sense of trust and collaboration, reinforcing the partnership's strength.

"In just one year's time, we have seen almost a 150% increase in the number of gifts that we've received online."

Christy Williamson - Director of Donor Relations, Highlands College

Exceptional Customer Service

For Christy, customer service is paramount, and Overflow has consistently delivered. "I value customer service way more than I value anything else. And I know that with Overflow, they're so willing and ready to help and to support in whatever way that we need them to," she emphasized. This commitment to exceptional support has solidified Highlands College's positive experience with the platform.


Highlands College's journey with Overflow exemplifies the transformative power of a robust, user-friendly giving platform. By addressing the challenges of their previous system and embracing a solution that aligns with their values, Highlands College has significantly enhanced its donor engagement and support. As Christy Williamson highlighted, the partnership with Overflow has been a resounding success, benefiting both the college and its generous donors.