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Posted by Overflow Team on September 28, 2022

Overflow Makes Donating To Nonprofits Easier 

Here at Overflow, we make it easier for people to donate to charities, churches, and other nonprofits. Charities can now offer greater help to those in need, as we are supporting them in increasing the donations they receive and allowing them more time to work towards their cause. 


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How Overflow Is Transforming The Way We Donate To Charity

Overflow is essentially the new way to raise money as a nonprofit organization. With a wide range of options to donate, varying from gifting stock to crypto and cash donations, donating to nonprofits has never been more flexible.

In fact, the average donation through Overflow is nearly 50 times higher than the average online donation made through ACH, debit, or credit. Not only that, it is easy to use. Our platform is built with you in mind. Because we understand that you may not have the time for a learning curve, we’ve simplified and automated our processes so you can get started with very little effort. 


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Overflow Has Worked With Incredible Nonprofits 

Overflow is the new way of donating to charity, and we are proud to be working with some of the most amazing nonprofit organizations, churches, and corporations. We’re also working together with the younger generations who are passionate about helping the planet and the people around them. In fact, the younger generation is an untapped market, with a survey revealing that more than 60% of Gen Zs would love to make a difference, change the world, and donate to charity.

Through our platform, we’ve also helped big charities such as RIP Medical Debt, Universal Promise, StreetCode Academy, American Cancer Society, Salmon Defense, and many more to dramatically simplify their donating process allowing their teams to have more time to focus on their mission as well open up ways for stock donations that weren’t previously possible. In total, we are proud to have built a community of over 300 leading global nonprofits, with many more joining and starting to use our platform to help their cause. 

Here are 3 amazing projects the charities we’ve partnered up with are working towards:


Universal Promise 

A global leading charity, now working on a project to fund education and help improve the lives of children in Africa. This year, they’re working on building classrooms, bringing clean water, and renovating restrooms (which are now a health hazard) for over 750 young students. People can also see exactly where each dollar they donate goes.


StreetCode Academy

A charity empowering communities of color to achieve through technology. In a recent project started during the pandemic, called the Level Up program, StreetCode is offering free WiFi as well as yearly computer rentals to families in need so they can stay connected during the pandemic.


Salmon Defense 

A charity working towards a healthy environment for all of the inhabitants of the  Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes, now and in the future. Some of the great projects they’re working on are Climate Change Awareness, with Salmon Defense supporting the First Stewards Climate Change Symposium hosted by the western Washington coastal treaty tribes. More so, they work on advocating over 6 other similar projects as well as aiming to educate people on the importance of protecting salmon wildlife and fighting climate change for a better common future.


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You can now join hundreds of other organizations that are already part of our thriving online community and start modernizing the process of donating to charity today by booking a free demo or by asking one of our team members any questions you may have.