Building A Successful Fundraising Campaign Online

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Posted by Overflow Team on August 17, 2023

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Building A Successful Fundraising Campaign On An Online Fundraising Platform

Online fundraising platforms are a fantastic tool that nonprofits can utilize as part of their digital fundraising strategies. Building a successful fundraising campaign using an online fundraising platform can offer a boost to nonprofit fundraising and bring nonprofits closer to their fundraising goals.


Types Of Online Fundraising Platforms

There are several types of online fundraising platforms available that can be used for crowdfunding for nonprofits. However, many of these sit separately from any other activities your nonprofit is running.  There may be a fee to use online fundraising platforms to unlock certain features, and you may be limited to how you can personalize your fundraising campaigns.

However, at Overflow, the online fundraising platform function is built into our offering, so clients can keep everything in one place. What’s more, donors can gift stocks and crypto donations through Overflow, not just cash, opening up whole new income opportunities.


Maximizing The Impact Of Social Media

Social media is another powerful online tool that can be used to boost nonprofit fundraising as part of a successful fundraising campaign. Social media allows nonprofits to reach a bigger audience and spread the word about their fundraising campaign. 

Another perk is that it’s free. You can put money behind paid-for advertising alongside your organic activity to further boost nonprofit fundraising, but you don’t have to. What’s more, every time you post, you can include a link which takes donors straight to your online fundraising campaign. 


Setting Realistic Fundraising Goals

When it comes to fundraising goals, setting objectives using the SMART framework can be a helpful system to use. SMART stands for:

  • Specific - goals should be clear and defined from the start.
  • Measurable - you should be able to measure progress to achieving the goal.
  • Attainable - goals should be ambitious but also achievable.
  • Relevant - goals should be linked to the overarching mission of your nonprofit.
  • Timely - there should be a clear timeline in place for achieving the goal. 

    Find out more about the SMART framework here.


Potential Risks And Rewards of Crowdfunding For Nonprofits

Crowdfunding for nonprofits using online fundraising platforms has its risks and rewards. Data stored online is potentially at risk of breaches and theft, which can have serious consequences for you, your organization and your donors. That's why Overflow has the highest level of security in the industry. 

There are risks with crowdfunding for nonprofits, but also rewards. Online fundraising platforms can pull multiple reports, allowing you to track the progress of your campaign. Online fundraising platforms also allow you to track donor information. Most platforms are mobile-friendly so your donors can donate on any device they like.