5 Benefits of Philanthropy

Throughout the centuries, philanthropy has been a huge part of the American culture. Each year, millions of Americans donate their time, money and efforts to the causes that care about and enjoy the amazing benefits that philanthropy offers to their families and communities.

1. Philanthropy is good for your health 

Scientific research shows that helping others can enhance your physical, intellectual and emotional health. A 2009 study by a research team at the University of British Columbia and Harvard found that volunteering helps people cope with stress and even increase their life expectancy. People who volunteer on a regular basis are also less likely to suffer from depression, tend to be more energetic and report an improved quality of life.


2. Philanthropy makes you feel more optimistic about your future

People who make frequent charitable donations are less likely to suffer financial stress or feel anxious about their future. A study by the Association of Psychological Science indicates that giving back to their community helps individuals think more positively about their own lives and future.


3. Giving back can make you feel connected to your community

When you participate in volunteering projects or donate to a local charitable organization, you create a stronger bond with the community you live in. Besides, donating your money or time can also keep you more active within your community, make you feel connected to the people around you and even lead to increased civic engagement.


4. Philanthropy can give you a sense of purpose

People who donate to charity often tend to find their purpose in life earlier than others. When you support a cause you are passionate about, help someone less fortunate than you or volunteer at a local animal shelter, you know you are living a meaningful life and making a difference in the world.

5. Philanthropy helps you make a difference

There’s something very important about philanthropy that is often overlooked: it gives each of us the opportunity to make the world a little bit better. When you are giving back to your community, you’re also helping yourself by strengthening your connections with others, improving your mental health and learning how to be good citizen. This way, charitable giving provides an outlet for positive social action and helps build an ethical framework for our own behavior, hopefully making the world a better place…one penny at a time!