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Let’s be honest, working in tech has allowed us to live with an abundance of resources. We’re creating a platform to help pay it forward with no strings attached. Simply, giving because it's fun.
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Save On Taxes By Giving

Giving is fun and can drive significant savings! The charitable tax deduction is a powerful tool for saving on your taxes, but it may require some additional strategy to maximize your savings. The Charitable Giving Tax Savings Calculator demonstrates different strategies on how you could save on taxes and give more to the causes you care most about.

Huge tax advantages for everyone

There’s a reason the most financially savvy people in the world are so active with philanthropy. Giving money saves you money come tax time.

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There are 1.5 Million Nonprofits in The United States. So finding legitimate organizations that align with your values can be tricky.

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With Overflow you’ll be able to see which organizations your friends, the people you follow and other philanthropists are supporting. With an easy to use interface, the bigger picture of who is making a difference starts to become a lot clearer.

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