Industry Veteran Jeremy Everett Joins Overflow to Lead the Future of Payment Processing

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Posted by Overflow Team on June 28, 2024

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Overflow is excited to announce that Jeremy Everett has been appointed to the leadership team as the Vice President Of Payments, where he will lead our organization’s world class innovation in the payment processing space. Jeremy joins Overflow after more than 11 years with Pushpay where he helped to pioneer the world’s first mobile friendly ten-second giving experience and supporting payment infrastructure that has served many of the largest churches in the US.

He shares Overflow’s mission to serve local communities through simple, frictionless payment options, and his deep-rooted expertise in the payment technology space will help Overflow to scale while maintaining the same quality standards for customers. Together, we are unlocking opportunities to give, reaching more donors in new ways, and changing how people participate in their local communities. 

Jeremy has a tenacious heart to champion the mission and purpose of both the local and global Church. His experience navigating the challenges of early stage startup, through hyper growth and acquisitions, managing and collaborating cross-functionally with remote and hybrid teams across different markets makes him a perfect candidate for the next stage of Overflow’s strategic execution and helping to champion the cause of the local church.


We sat down with Jeremy to learn a little more about him and what excites him about joining the team at Overflow:


Welcome to Overflow, Jeremy! Tell us about your background:

I’ve always been a hard worker who loves numbers and enjoys solving problems with technology. I started my first company while in college completing two bachelor degrees, majoring in both computer science and accounting, with a minor in information systems. 

Prior to Pushpay, I helped ideate, start and build multiple early stage technology companies. I am an entrepreneur at heart; an ideas guy who loves to build. I have a pioneering spirit and a sincere desire to steward my gifts, talents and resources with an eternal perspective. Now at Overflow, I found a similar heart behind the vision with Vance and his team.

What excited you most about Overflow?

Overflow has proven itself to be a disruptor and innovator, and I know what we are capable of achieving together as we scale. My passion is to continue to be a builder, and to contribute my talents within an organization whose mission is rooted in purpose. I feel like I’m able to do that within this new season at Overflow. I love Overflow’s long-term view of partnership with churches – there is a real sustainable relationship which creates a special partner experience. I can see that connection is a unique part of the culture at Overflow.

"My passion is to continue to be a builder, and to contribute my talents within an organization whose mission is rooted in purpose."

Jeremy Everett -VP of Payment Processing, Overflow

What are your initial goals for Overflow?

The payments landscape is constantly evolving and I’m excited to help the business scale in different ways and to be the first to bring new systems to market. The challenge is to scale and maintain quality standards across multiple and new types of payment options. We continue to bring innovation – to explore and add value – but in a way that maintains excellence for our customers. I’m joining Overflow’s mission to increase generosity and to bring operational expertise and efficiency to a larger audience globally.