Experience Church & Overflow: Elevating Generosity through Innovation

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Posted by Overflow Team on June 25, 2024

At Overflow, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way churches and organizations handle their giving processes. Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with Gillian Johnston from Experience Church in Puyallup, Washington to learn about their journey with Overflow. This story highlights how our platform is making a significant impact on their community and giving culture.

A New Chapter for Experience Church

Experience Church has been a beacon of faith and community support for over three decades. Under the leadership of Pastor Dennis Cummins, known for his forward-thinking and tech-savvy approach, the church has continuously adapted to the latest trends to enhance its operations and engagement with the congregation. "Pastor Dennis is very technical. Pastor Dennis has always kept up to date with the moving trends," shared Gillian. This proactive mindset led Experience Church to explore new platforms like Overflow to better serve their community.


Seamless Transition and Implementation

"We achieved a 93% migration in just six weeks."

Gillian Johnston - Executive Assistant, Experience Church

The transition to Overflow was remarkably smooth for Experience Church. "We achieved a 93% migration in just six weeks," Gillian proudly stated. The church’s strategic approach, focusing on the benefits and maintaining a positive outlook, played a crucial role in this successful transition. "Our focus was to ‘explain the why.’ If you explain the why to people, that trumps the biggest questions or reservations," Gillian emphasized. This approach ensured that the congregation understood the benefits and was more willing to embrace the change.


Enhanced Engagement and Insightful Analytics

One of the standout features of Overflow for Experience Church has been the enhanced engagement and analytics. Experience Church chose to bundle Overflow’s giving solutions with their Tap technology. Overflow Tap is a new way to engage your audience. A Tap disc is placed on the back of chairs, allowing members to tap their phone and be directed to a web page. The Tap technology captures analytics to inform organizations how members are connecting. "We’ve seen a noticeable increase in engagement from our congregation," Gillian remarked. The detailed analytics provided by Overflow have allowed the church to understand giving patterns better and communicate more effectively with their members. "The ability to track and analyze donations has enabled us to tailor our communication strategies," Gillian explained. This data-driven approach has not only increased participation but also improved overall contributions.


Significant Cost Savings

A significant benefit of using Overflow has been the cost savings. "With Overflow, we’ve significantly reduced transaction fees and administrative costs," Gillian explained. These savings mean that more resources can be directed towards the church's mission and community projects, maximizing the impact of every donation. "This is exciting. I said if we consistently have this, it’s going to cut off my fees for the year," she added. This financial efficiency has allowed the church to focus more on its core activities and less on administrative overhead.


Embracing Legacy Giving

Experience Church has also embraced the concept of legacy giving, thanks to Overflow. "The ability to accept non-cash donations, like stocks, has opened up new avenues for our congregation to give," Gillian shared. The church held a legacy retirement seminar to educate their members about the various ways they can leave a lasting impact, aligning perfectly with the capabilities of Overflow. "We talked about how you can give through stocks and all this kind of stuff. Most people don’t know how to do that, and it can be tricky to do it correctly," she noted. This initiative has created new opportunities for members to contribute to the church's future.


Exceptional Support from Overflow

"Having a dedicated team that responds promptly and understands church life has been invaluable."

Gillian Johnston - Executive Assistant, Experience Church

Gillian also highlighted the exceptional support provided by the Overflow team. "Having a dedicated team that responds promptly and understands church life has been invaluable," she said. The ongoing relationship and consistent follow-ups have ensured that Experience Church feels supported every step of the way. "Even now, I know Claire and I have a post-migration meeting. She’s going to come to our location, which is fantastic," Gillian mentioned. This personalized support has been crucial in maintaining a smooth and effective transition.

Experience Church’s journey with Overflow exemplifies how innovative solutions can transform and elevate the giving experience. By simplifying the process, providing valuable insights, and fostering a supportive partnership, Overflow is helping churches like Experience Church build a stronger, more engaged, and financially efficient community. The collaboration between Experience Church and Overflow continues to demonstrate the positive impact of embracing technology in fostering generosity and ensuring a lasting legacy.