End-of-Year Stock Donations - What You Need To Know

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Posted by Overflow Team on September 14, 2022

Gifting stock is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for individuals and businesses to donate to charities and nonprofit organizations. Charitable donations coming from non-cash assets, such as stock, have increased by over 50% in the last five years. Donors in the know have realised that gifting stock is the most tax efficient way to give, whilst maximizing their donation.¹ Many nonprofit organizations launch their year-end giving campaigns in October, so if you are thinking about donating to nonprofits through stock, now is the time to act.


End-of-Year Stock Donations - What You Need To Know


Year-End Donations Events

There are several events out there that promote stock donations which are great to get on board with if you want to make year-end donations. Here are a couple of the most popular events:
  • Bag Season runs through December and signals to potential donors that they are able to gift stock. charity. The event creates awareness that organizations can make charitable year-end donations.²

  • Giving Tuesday takes place at the end of November and marks the start of Bag Season. Last year over 1,000 nonprofit organizations took part, and over $2m was donated, with an average donation of $12,600. ³

  • Impact Week allows donors to distribute their stock donations to several nonprofits through Impact Index Funds. The themes for Index Funds cover a variety of themes, including animals, education, civil and human rights, and mental health, to name a few.⁴

  • Last Day to Give falls on December 31 and marks the end of Bag Season. It’s the last chance for organizations to make year-end stock donations.

  • Give Month has been hosted by Microsoft every October since 1983, encouraging employees to support nonprofit organizations through volunteering and donations, including stock donations. Last year Microsoft employees donated over $200 million (inclusive of company match) to nonprofits.⁵


Planning Your Year-End Donations Campaign

Planning your year-end donations campaign should be your focus all year round. The start of the year is all about looking at your previous campaign to see what improvements can be made. During the summer, you should have decided on your approach and planned your activities and communications. Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to get these right and signed off.
October is the time when many nonprofits launch their year-end giving campaigns, so it’s an ideal time to kick off your campaign. Ensure your employees are aware of all the methods of giving that are available to them. From November to December, your year-end campaign will be in full swing. Be sure to send out regular reminders that the December 31 deadline is fast approaching.


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Making Your Year-End Donations Campaign A Success

A well-planned, thoughtful campaign will ensure your efforts have the maximum impact. Here are a few tips to ensure the success of your year-end donations campaign:


Tell A Story

Make the most of storytelling to form an emotional connection between your employees and your campaign and why they should be gifting stock. Examples of the positive impact of gifting stock will encourage employees to participate.


Make It Easy

Make it as easy as possible for employees to donate. Include a clear call to action in all your communications, directing employees straight to your year-end donation webpage.

Gifting stock continues to grow in popularity. By gifting stock, you’re able to make more out of your donation. With capital gains protected, nonprofits will feel the full benefit of your donation. Here at Overflow, the average donation to nonprofits through our platform is approximately 50 times greater than the average online donation. With Overflow’s secure platform, we make it easier than ever for nonprofits to accept stock donations. We also have over 200 of the top nonprofits in the world signed up to use our platform. If you’re ready to kick start your year-end stock donations campaign, please visit our website to see how we can help.


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