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Nonprofit Spotlight: New Story

Unlike other housing non-profits, New Story doesn't just "build homes for the homeless" as this approach has long proved to be inefficient and unsuited for inclusive community-building. Each New Story project is based on three core principles:

1 min 43 sec read07 June 2021

NIO Summit 2021: Overflow’s Epic Raffle Prize Awaits You At Our Booth

NIO Summit
Quick read20 September 2021

Overflow's Giving Guide 2021 - Vol 1

Overflow Giving Guide Vol.1 Crisis In Afghanistan
3 min 38 sec read06 September 2021

Treat your most important donors to the Overflow Experience

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1 min 31 sec read06 August 2021

How To Increase Your Stock Donations By Q4

graph of an increase in stocks
3 min 32 sec read04 August 2021

Overflow Raises $10M Series A Round to Bring Philanthropy into the Future

$10M Series A to Bring Philanthropy Into The Future Team Photo
3 min 33 sec read23 July 2021

Overflow Brand 2.0

Overflow Website Preview
2 min 43 sec read16 July 2021

Why I Started a Fintech Company Focused on Generosity

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2 min 14 sec read02 July 2021

Why Donate Stocks to Nonprofits Directly?

why donate stocks to nonprofits directly
2 min 26 sec read16 June 2021